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About Us

The Boardroom Lawyer is a student-run commercial law review blog. We bring to you the latest developments, both at the national and international level, in the corporate and commercial sphere. This includes developments in corporate law, antitrust and competition law, intellectual property rights law, telecommunications law, arbitration law, insolvency and bankruptcy law, and trade law, amongst other allied spheres.

Posts will primarily be written by the Founding and Associate Editors of the blog, with occasional guest posts by established academicians and practitioners. The Boardroom Lawyer promises to not only keep you in the loop about all important developments in the sphere of commercial law but also deliver cutting-edge legal analysis on the same.

The Founding Editors of TBL are all third-year students, pursuing their B.A. LL.B.(Honours) degree at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

Viraj Ananth 


Viraj has a keen interest in commercial and information technology law and currently serves as Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Journal of Law and Technology. He has experience in legal writing and legal policy, having served as an invited member of the Consultation Team on Innovation and Regulatory Sandboxes where he co-authored the Karnataka Innovation Authority Bill, 2018.

Mallika Sen

Mallika has varied interests ranging from corporate law to legal policy. She serves on the Editorial Board of The Socio-Legal Review. Additionally, she has worked extensively in student-run legal aid, with special focus on collaborative, network-based projects.

Saarthak Jain


Saarthak has a keen interest in International Commercial and Arbitration Law. He has worked extensively in the field of international as well as Indian commercial laws through legal writing and participation in moot court competitions.


Associate Editors at TBL:
Associate Editors are regular contributors to The Boardroom Lawyer.

  1. Chandni Ghatak is a final year student at the National Law University, Jodhpur and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the NLUJ Review.
  2. Siddharth Jayaprakash is a law graduate of the University of Oxford and presently, an MBA student at IIM Bangalore.
  3. Rayan Bhattacharya is a student of law at the University of Durham, United Kingdom and is currently a council representative of the Durham European Law Institute (DELI). 
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